Biscuit Block

Location: Calgary, AB

The Biscuit Block building was originally built in the Victoria Park area of downtown Calgary by the Neilson Furniture Co. in 1912. The project comprised the restoration and expansion of the historic 72,000 square-foot brick building without compromising the original characteristics of the property.

Previously a biscuit factory, the building featured several old ovens and baking utilities that were removed prior to starting construction. Then the existing facility was converted into office space along with provisions to add a restaurant. Graham completed all demolition and removal by hand. Two additional floors were added at the top of the building along with an addition to the west side. Windows were cut-in and installed, and the building was structurally reinforced and brought back to meet building codes. Graham also completed office tenant improvements within the completed Biscuit Block building.

Contract Value

$10.6M CAD

Prime Consultant

Abugov Kaspar Architects

Project Owner

Royop (BB) Development Ltd.

Contract Format

Construction Management

Completion Date

February 2014

Contract Duration

11 months