A. Grenville and William Davis Courthouse Addition

Location: Brampton, Ontario

Named in honour of Albert Grenville Davis and son William Grenville Davis—both former Peel-region lawyers, and, the latter, once-Premier of Ontario—the A. Grenville and William Davis Courthouse has been a Brampton staple since 2000, when it first opened on 7755 Hurontario Street.

Where the original 2000-era courtroom was designed to amalgamate several smaller Peel-region courtrooms and the extensive Peel Law Association library, the 2020 addition, led by Graham Construction, supplements the courtroom’s booming law services: the six-storey,135,000-square-foot addition includes much-needed courtrooms, jury rooms, judge chambers, and detention cells. Graham constructed all tie-ins under full occupancy of the original building, attaching directly to the existing courtroom at multiple levels.

Contract Value

$42M CAD

Prime Consultant

NORR Architects

Project Owner

Infrastructure Ontario

Contract Format

Stipulated Sum

Completion Date

March 2020

Contract Duration

37 Months