2021 Report on Sustainability

March 31, 2022

We are pleased to share our 2021 Sustainability Report. Graham continues to make year-over-year progress on our Sustainability strategy as we focus on three strategic areas – Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). These pillars support our corporate strategic plan and provide us with a formal framework to define how we can make more meaningful social, economic and environmental marks on our communities.

At Graham, we’re committed to providing focused, transparent, and impactful sustainability and ESG content consistent with recognized global standards through our sustainability reports.

2021 Sustainability Highlights

  • Shoreline, WA project diverted 97% of all material from the landfill
  • 52 Tier 3 units replaced with Tier 4 (To read more about emissions standards for off-road equipment click for guidelines in Canada and the United States)


  • Over 300 charitable organizations supported
  • Over $157,168 supported healthcare organizations
  • $85,000 went to supporting educational initiatives


  • Since 2017, we’ve spent over $104 million with local Indigenous contractors and vendors
  • Approximately 96% of employees passed phishing simulations
  • Employees reported 7,266 suspicious emails (50% increase from 2020)

Our 2021 Sustainability Report highlights the initiatives we supported across our business and demonstrates our strong commitment to continuous improvement. While we move forward in our sustainability journey, we’ll continue to build on this report and improve sustainable business practices throughout our organization.