180 Roslyn Apartments

Location: Winnipeg, MB

This project involved a seven-storey, 78‑unit residential building in Winnipeg’s historic Osborne Village. Located at 180 Roslyn Road, the development is designed to appeal to people of different ages, backgrounds, and income levels. It features a mix of creative unit types: smaller, efficient, and more flexible units for younger people who are more budget-conscious, and more spacious apartment homes for retiring or empty-nesters who may need more living space. The development brings positive impacts to the area: creating a sidewalk connection on the south side of Roslyn between Nassau and Osborne improves the neighbourhood’s walkability and transit friendliness.

A pathway between the Safeway building and the rear of the site to the back lane is maintained, preventing any impact to pedestrians’ desired routes. For the parking area, the existing lane serves as the access point, so there was no need to create a new curb cut on Roslyn Road, minimizing disturbance to the surrounding area and allowing the beautiful mature trees to remain. Extensive excavation and shoring was required within the tightly confined urban site. Significant coordination of underground utilities with the City of Winnipeg and other services was required to minimize/coordinate lane closures on busy Roslyn Road.

Contract Value

$14.2M CAD

Prime Consultant

Number TEN Architectural Group

Project Owner

Sunstone Resort Communities

Contract Format

Construction Management

Completion Date

February 2019

Contract Duration

20 months