Garden Plain Wind Project – WTG Installation

Location: Hanna, AB

This project consists of 26 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) for a total capacity of 130 MW. The WTGs are manufactured and delivered to the site by Siemens-Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE), and have a 102.5m hub height, 145m diameter rotor, with a 5 MW capacity rating at 60 Hz.

Graham’s scope of work includes the mechanical and electrical installations of the WTGs. Specifically, Graham is responsible for: offloading and receiving WTG components at each WTG location, assembling the Nacelle, Drive Train, Hub, Blades and Towers, erecting the WTGs, and the mechanical and electrical completion.

Through our allied partners, Graham is self-executing structural, mechanical and electrical scopes of work for the project, and providing operators for Rough Terrain Cranes and support equipment.

Contract Value

$12.9M CAD

Prime Consultant

Canadian Projects Limited

Project Owner

TransAlta Generation Partnership

Contract Format

Stipulated Price

Completion Date

December 2022

Contract Duration

6 months